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Bridge To Cure was founded by the Siefert family, a family with a daughter who was battling epilepsy for 5 years. She had a miraculous brain surgery in September 2018 by Dr. Doyle at NYU Langone - a surgery that has cured her epilepsy.
This family witnessed firsthand how grueling and demanding a life with epilepsy can be, and more importantly, found that millions of people also have this burden on their hands but are without similar curable opportunities. 
The substantial mission of Bridge To Cure is to spread awareness of how epilepsy integrates into friends and families lives and fund-raise for opportunities of a cure to come to fruition for everyone.

Dr. Doyle is currently in clinical research studies testing epilepsy memory functionality and sleep. Often, patients with epilepsy have memory difficulty. By understanding how sleep supports learning, he may be able to develop methods to improve sleep and therefore memory function

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